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In November 2016 we released our second CD, "Wrapped Bluegrass"! It contains twenty-four songs, twelve gospel and twelve traditional bluegrass. We think you will enjoy the selections made for this endeavor.


To order either of the CD's, just click on the "Audio" tab. "Something Good" will show up first; scroll down a ways and you will find "Wrapped Bluegrass". Click on the "Buy CD" tab to order the CD of your choice.


Also, check out our AUDIO PLAYER located on the left side of the Audio page! Included in the playlist are all songs recorded by Lost Dogs Found. The first 12 are the Gospel songs from "Wrapped Bluegrass", the next 12 are the traditional bluegrass from that same CD, and the last 12 are the songs from our "Something Good" CD.


Just click on the song you want to hear, or you can listen to our entire CD, one song at a time! We hope you like it and will be encouraged to buy a CD!


If you have any questions, or would just like to discuss bluegrass music, please contact us at !